Presenting Our KNY9 Top 6 Finalists!

Kollaboration New York is proud to officially present the top 6 finalists for the ninth annual showcase! We’re amazed at these artists’ talent and passion for their craft, and are proud to have them onboard. Congratulations to all! We’ll be getting to know each of our finalists in the weeks leading up to our grand showcase on August 30, but for now… we’re proud to introduce our KNY9 finalists:

Ivan Polanco

Ivan is a pop/r&b artist of Filipino & Dominican decent hailing from White Plains, New York. He has been performing in venues across the U.S. and online through his YouTube videos which have 80,000+ views in total. (Click here for Ivan’s YouTube channel.)

Sung Lee 

Sung Lee is a nationally ranked beatboxer, live looper and mouth DJ from New Jersey. He creates live music of all genres (hip-hop, dance, electronic, dubstep, covers) from scratch with his mouth. (Click here for Sung’s YouTube channel.)

Grace Shay

Grace Shay is a New York-based singer-songwriter. She has previously performed at NYU Ultraviolet Live, the Bohemian National Hall and the Clarion Theatre. As a dancer and actress, she has also performed in venues such as the Metropolitan Opera House, the Westport Country Playhouse and the Palace Theatre. (Click here for Grace’s YouTube channel.)

Yut and The Hot Four

Yut and The Hot Four is a modern string quartet with percussion that cover greatest hits, and aims to successfully fuse popular music with classical techniques. Members consist of Yut Chia, Carol Ma (Chia-Yin), Shayne Lebron-Acevedo, Lenaé A. Harris, Holly Ann Cordero and Marcel (Javori) Grosz.

Red Oak Lane

Red Oak Lane is a multi-instrument band hailing from Rutgers University in New Jersey. This talented band consists of Kevin, the cellist; Tim, the guitarist; Richard, the pianist; Chris, the lead singer; and Abel, the drummer.


MusicalBasics, aka Lionel Yu, is a talented composer and pianist whose total views on YouTube surpass 4.2 million. MusicalBasics is a piano art project started in July 2008.

Congratulations again to our top 6 finalists. Join us in welcoming them to the Kollaboration family — this is only the beginning! Stay tuned for more posts featuring our finalists in the weeks leading up to our showcase on August 30.