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ABC re-ups ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ for Season 2

Just like Big Pun’s 1998’ hit single “Still Not a Player” ― Fresh Off the Boat is coming back for the remix.

Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month received another boost recently, as ABC announced they will be renewing the hit show — starring Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, and Ian Chen.

Presumably, Season Two of Fresh Off the Boat will continue to reverberate echoes of the late 90’s hip hop scene, and remain loosely based off Eddie Huang’s memoirs.

There was some speculation in the media last week that ABC would neglect to pick up FOTB for a second season—possibly due to a slight mid-season ratings lull during it’s inaugural run. However, a strong start ― which included a second episode showdown with Fox’s mega ratings monster Empire ― coupled with a steady audience throughout the season ― eventually swayed ABC to green light an encore season.

Producers in Season Two will face challenges incorporating fresh story-lines, while continuing to push through traditional boundaries on prime time television.

“As a Taiwanese-American I could say… oh this is my mom… this is what I went through,” exclaimed Flora Huang, who has been a New York City resident for close to twenty years. “I would like to see more development of the supporting characters though, especially [the] mom. Even though I was able to relate to her as a Taiwanese mother, sometimes her character borderlines on stereotypes that I wasn’t always comfortable with.”

Other possible hurdles may present themselves as well. Will Eddie Huang’s call for a closer representation of his memoir’s come to fruition? How will the show expand on its core demographic? Will Season Two continue to carry story-lines that will draw a strong African-American viewership?

Shamika Mitchell, an Assistant Professor of English at Rockland Community College, and resident of Harlem,  said, “I am interested in the contemporary Asian-American experience; I’m an Americanist and my primary interest is in issues of identity and ethnicity. The season finale, So Chineez was a classic depiction of racial/ethnic challenges of assimilation, and lightly explores the process of Americanization. Also, this is a sitcom, and I cannot expect it to have as many substantial topics.”

Regardless of FOTB’s racial and cultural impact on television, the shows survival through Season Two will depend on its ratings. But for at least one more season, Fresh Off the Boat ― much like the late Big Pun ― will-still-have-what-you-looking-for.