CA Model: A Chance to Tour China and Walk the Runway in NYC



The first annual Chinese American Model (CA Model) competition is accepting applications until the end of May. Applicants must be Chinese American, over 5’7″, and able to travel. The 15 finalists will have the opportunity to receive professional catwalk, choreography, and acting training, in addition to working with a personal trainer and being featured in their own personal photoshoots. Then for 3 weeks, they will star in a reality show shot on set in China, Taiwan, and Macau, competing against professional models from different cities in China. Upon returning to the US, there will be one final show at which models walk down the runway in designer clothing, followed by a VIP afterparty at Terminal 5. Additional sub-contests include the writing and production of an original micro-film (very short film), among others.

The application fee is $100 per contestant, but promotion, publicity, and potential modeling contracts far outweigh the initial cost. The reality show will be aired on select TV stations as well as on YouTube, and models will have a chance to sign contracts (or to abstain from signing) at any point in the show, regardless of whether they win the top prize.

Applicants do not have to audition in-person–video interviews and auditions are acceptable. The application can be found here–the deadline is May 31, 2014, so apply soon.