CA Model Competition ft. Ariana and the Rose — Exclusive Interview!

This Saturday, Chinese American Model Competition will tear up the stage at Terminal 5 with 10 blazing hot models and a number of incredibly talented musical guests. Featured below is an interview of one of the headliners, Ariana and the Rose, who has lived her life steeped in music, sharing some of her experiences as an original songwriter and musician.

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What are your struggles when it comes to songwriting?

I would say the hardest part of songwriting is having to turn that switch on and off. Sometimes things come to me at the oddest times – one time in a rental car parking lot! – but when you go into a writing session, there is a bit of pressure to come out of it with something tangible. So it’s definitely that juxtaposition between the craft and the creativity of it versus the timing of when the inspiration hits. With that said, songwriting is like anything though. You get better at it and you develop your own way into it. Songwriting for me is similar to the way most people feel about going to the gym, I think. It isn’t always the most fun time because you work hard and for me I am working through things and emotions too, but it’s so good for you in the long run and it always feels amazing afterwards. I’ve never ever finished a session and not felt better. It’s a relief. It feels good.


What is it like to be on tour?

Being on tour is like summer camp! It’s the most fun you‘ve ever had but sometimes you also miss home. I worry how much I love it actually. I get to sing every night, which is my favorite thing in the world. It’s tiresome too though, it’s work for sure – it’s more than people think. You wake up, always in a new place, go meet with the press and maybe do a few interviews, write some or go to a studio, begin sound checking in the afternoon and before you know it, it’s show time. Afterwards you talk with fans, maybe do some more back stage interviews. And then you wake up and do it again. But you get into a routine even on the road, you find your habits and I love what I do so as long as that is the case, it doesn’t end up feeling like work. Singing to and interacting with my audience is my favorite thing to do.

What is it like to make it big?

I have definitely been afforded some incredible opportunities and I am eternally grateful, but I have no idea how to answer this question because I don’t feel like I’m there yet! I’ll let you know when I do


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