Celebrating Far From Home

Growing up in an Asian-American household, it has been dear to my heart to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. This is the one time of the year where my family gets together, and follows the traditions that unifies us, and those who follow the Lunar Calendar.


Last year was the first time I had experienced Chinese New Year with none of my relatives. I was more than two-thousand miles away from home, in Los Angeles. My friends and I prepared a small gathering, all away from our homes and our families. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, but found Chinese New Year to be the occasion to meet, and share this festive holiday in our, not as festive NYU Dormitories. We went to M2M and purchased various ingredients for our potluck. These included fishcakes, dumplings, fish, oranges, boba, and sweet rice balls.


This was quite an experience for me as an Asian-American, to be invited to a more international-student based event. I imagined Chinese New Year to be calm, and subtle with maybe a friend or two, but found that my international friends also saw the importance of gathering on this day.