How to be Constance Wu for Halloween

With the controversy of racist Halloween costumes, many Americans nowadays are concerned about how to channel their appreciation of Asian culture without offending the Asian-American community and practicing yellowface. Well look no further, because right now I’m going to tell you how to be well-renowned Asian-American starlet, Constance Wu, for Halloween in a totally PC way!

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Courtesy of giphy

You will need:

  • A sharp eye
  • A tenacious voice
  • A passionate sense of advocacy
  • A killer sense of style
  • …and a really big bunny
  1. Start off by applying Wu’s sharp eye for Hollywood white-washing. She’s super well-known for her analysis of Matt Damon’s casting in The Great Wall, but she has always been very observant of how Asian actors face much more difficulty in nailing a leading role than white actors. Wu says for the New York Times, “An Asian person who is competing against white people, for an audience of white people, has to train for that opportunity like it’s the Olympics.” Make sure you’re able to see the systemic racism in Hollywood.


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  2. You can’t completely emerge yourself in Constance Wu’s element without a tenacious voice. Her sharp eye and awareness towards Asian-American issues in Hollywood has led her to speak out against such injustices. The reason why Wu is well-known for her response about The Great Wall is she is one of the most vocal Asian-American celebrities about media representation. After her response went viral, people took sides. While many supported her, others slammed her opinion and thought she was absurd. But Wu still stands by her voice. She is fierce. Wu has no shame in calling out Hollywood for its whitewashing. In fact, in her interview with Vulture, she calls out film executive Matt Landis for being defensive about why an Asian actress was not cast in Ghost in the Shell, as Asian actresses apparently don’t rake in that much green. She continues to say that Asian-American executives have been excusing the lack of progress because of such hardships and difficulty for Asian-Americans in the film industry. But Wu is not satisfied with these defensive excuses and wants both white and Asian Hollywood execs to take a stand: “Care more, make it matter.” Wear that mantra as a statement piece for your costume, loud and proud.

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  3. With a sharp eye and a tenacious voice for Asian-American issues in white Hollywood, you’re almost done with your Halloween garb. Her passion is extremely crucial to this getup, and I definitely recommend wearing this as a centerpiece. Wu advocates for the incorporation of the Asian-American narratives in the character arc of Asian-American roles. She strongly believes that Hollywood should not ignore the cultural background of an Asian-American character to make a story relatable to all Americans. She tells the story of her grandfather in an interview with Jezebel and claims that “to even say that [her grandfather’s] journey has nothing to do with [her] place and opportunities now is dishonorable.” Wu recognizes the importance of telling the Asian-American narrative through film roles so all Asian-Americans, especially younger ones, can find a character to relate to. In fact, she has been so influential in the Asian-American community that a Twitter trend, #StarringConstanceWu, has started to show social media what Hollywood movie posters would look like with an Asian actress as a leading lady. (Constance Wu as Katniss Everdeen? I would love to watch that movie!) 

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  4. Of course, to really polish the whole ensemble, you need to be inspired by Wu’s killer sense of style. As glamourous as she looks on the red carpet with all the gowns and dresses she wears to award shows, she definitely rocks her wardrobe on-camera. Wu, or Jessica Huang, pulls off floral skirts, chiffon blouses, and even 90’s-style high-waisted jeans as a mother in Fresh Off the Boat. Her charisma on and off-screen compliments her various fashion styles, so in order to act like Wu, you need to dress like Wu. Why not go and buy some chiffon blouses right now?giphy-2
  5. Last but not least, the most essential accessory to embodying Constance Wu is a big fluffy bunny.BUNBUN-700x525

Now you have successfully completed your Constance Wu costume! Time to go slay at a Halloween party and educate all your fellow party-goers about Asian-American issues such as systemic racism in Hollywood! Inspire everyone with your eye, your voice, and your advocacy in the fight for Asian-American representation in Hollywood. But most importantly, make sure you have your furry companion to accompany you!