Do You Have What It Takes?

Kollaboration New York’s application deadline is fast-approaching, and if you’ve been procrastinating on getting that turned in and squared away, here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait!

1) Technical glitches: You know it, we know it, we’ve all been there. You know, that sinking feeling you get after you’ve spent 10+ hours working on a project for school or work and then, just as you’re about to submit, you get the dreaded whirling pinwheel icon. Or your computer freezes. Or your roommate decides that it’s the perfect moment to restart the router. The list could go on and on, but you’re likely feeling a little anxious just reading this, aren’t you? So don’t let this be you!

2) Missed opportunities: We’re all busy people out here in New York City. And a big part of being busy is having to prioritize. Work? Check. Emails? Check. Laundry? Maybe. Kollaboration New York application? Why is this at the end of your checklist? It’s incredibly easy to convince yourself that you can always apply next year or that you don’t know if you’re “good enough” to try out for Kollaboration just yet — especially if you’re busy! — but there will always be excuses, so why not do something a little daring and stop making excuses and just do?

3) $20,000: Need we remind you? Not only is Kollaboration New York an amazing launch pad for your talents, but it can also be your ticket to an amazing $20,000 grand prize. Finalists from the New York show (who are up for a $1,000 prize) will go on to compete for a chance to be the reigning Kollaboration Star, going up against talents across the nation. Not too shabby for a process that just starts with a click of a button here, eh?

So if the awesome video above and our short list of reasons why you should apply now have convinced you to give Kollaboration New York a shot, go to our online applications here now:

All applications are due no later than Tuesday, April 30 at 11:59 p.m. Til next time, keep a close eye on our site, on Facebook and on Twitter in the coming weeks as we keep you posted on the latest audition news. Cheers to a fantastic season, and good luck, one and all!

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