Eggloo the newest treat from Hong Kong to New York

Eggloo, the newest viral treat you have to try in New York from the culture of Hong Kong

As a child, Mike Tan and his grandmother would head to a local food stand in Chinatown to buy Gai Daan Jai, an egg-based waffle snack popular in Hong Kong. At the time, it was easily considered to be the best Gai Daan Jai spot in the city, run by a locally known woman named Cecilia Tan. Because of its perfect combination of “fresh, crispy and puffy,” people from over the city would come for these specific egg waffles, which were made from flour, eggs and sugar.

Then one day, Cecilia stopped showing up and her absence left a hungry void in the hearts of many customers. Her sudden disappearance was especially disconcerting; to this day, he can still recollect the taste of the egg waffles, which he calls “eggettes.”

“It seems like it was just yesterday when my grandmother and I were getting eggettes together.”

With an archive of such fond memories, it’s no wonder Mike eventually became the co-founder of Eggloo, a new egg waffle spot, which officially opened its doors on February 13, 2016, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Located on 61 Mulberry St, Eggloo is currently serving up the classic snack with a modern twist. A hungry customer can purchase an egg waffle folded in a style reminiscent of a crepe and stuffed with a variety of toppings, such as ice cream, mochi, and candy.

The idea came about one day when Mike and his friend, David Lin, started reminiscing together about the egg waffle. They decided to collaborate on a food business and eventually brought on the help of a friend, Jessica Tam, who also happened to be a wedding cake specialist at Momofuku.

Soon enough, their product was brought to life and tested via street fairs. Unsurprisingly, Eggloo was extremely well-received by the public – so much so that it began to attract hoards of foodies through social media. Decorated with a variety of toppings, the egg waffles became Instagram gold as people began showcasing their culinary “masterpieces” with the hashtag #myeggloo. This eventually led to the creation of the physical store on Mulberry.

Today, the Eggloo team continues to expand the culinary scene of NYC by sharing and celebrating the “rich history” of the snack with people everywhere. After all, by biting into an eggette, customers can get a small taste of Hong Kong, where the egg waffle is still considered to be one of the most popular street snacks.

For people like Mike, however, the snack doesn’t just evoke culture; it also comes with a side of childhood memories – all for $8.00.