Guest Performer Profile: I LOVE DANCE

With the show creeping up on us, it’s time to introduce our final guest performer, I LOVE DANCE.

Check them out below!

I LOVE DANCE was founded in 2006 by MJ Choi, with the vision of creating an outlet for people who love dance. A truly unique characteristic of I LOVE DANCE is that despite its predominant KPOP focus, more than 80% of its members are non-Korean. This has been a testament to the growing popularity of the KPOP culture, as well as the unifying characteristic of dance as an art form. Members of various backgrounds meet not only to learn dance, but also to socialize and share cultural varieties.

I LOVE DANCE has experienced rapid growth in membership and has become the most popular KPOP dance class/crew in New York City. Classes are fun, energetic and exciting, and the club also hosts other unique activities, such as: 1) KPOP dance cover music videos, 2) Flash-Mobs, 3) Special workshops, 4) Active communication among close to 10,000 members in its facebook page, and 5) ILD Annual Student Showcase.

Most importantly, I LOVE DANCE has a collection of really cool people who truly creates a warm and friendly environment. The growth of I LOVE DANCE in membership and influence has been profoundly meaningful in the appreciation of the value and personal enrichment derived from intercultural exchange.

To get more updates on I LOVE DANCE, check out their websiteYouTube.

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