Happy Father’s Day! #DadsKNY

They make lame jokes, they’re all strangely into golf, and they’re always looking for the opportunity to tell you the life lesson you’ve already heard a hundred times around. And for all this, we love our dads that much more.

As we celebrate Father’s Day today, we asked some of our finalists what they love most about their pops. Here’s what they had to say. Commence the aww’s.


I am forever grateful to my dad for teaching me loyalty, respect, and responsibility for my family, and that no amount of money will ever be more valuable than the love and courage in my heart. — Lionel “MusicalBasics” Yu


“I’m grateful to have a father that is more than just a voice of guidance, but also my best friend” –Ivan Polanco


“Not many Asian parents would be supportive of a son who chooses music as a career, let alone something as obscure and unorthodox as beatboxing. My dad shares with me the understanding that hard work, persistence and unswerving determination is the cornerstone of success, and that all great things haves humble beginnings. Whether I’m performing for Kollaboration, the Apollo or at a subway station, thanks for always believing in me and having my back, Dad!” –Sung Lee

“I’m grateful for my father’s constant support and sacrifice in every area all my life, and I’m especially happy that he’s shared his joy for music with me. As a teenager, my dad played bass guitar in a rock band in his hometown of Yokohama, Japan. I grew up listening to his stories and giggling at old photos of him with long hair and his guitar. He introduced me to the musical influences that have shaped my songwriting, and now, we have jam sessions every so often: he plays guitar and harmonizes as I play piano and sing. Thank you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!” –Grace Shay

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there — from our KNY fam to yours.