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KNY 8 Winner IZZY Wants YOU to Audition for Kollaboration New York 9!

Okay, so we know it gets a bit repetitive when we constantly pester you about auditioning for KNY 9.  It’s in your best interest, though!  We really believe in you, but if our stamp of approval doesn’t make you wanna audition, take the advice of last year’s KNY 9 Winner, IZZY.
So you want to join Kollaboration, or try out, or win, or be the next Asian American Rock/Rap/Dance/Pop/Piano/Classical/Knitting star?
I just have three words of advice: you already are.
The amount of talent, passion, and love for creativity is unmatched in this community of artists.  It takes great heart, courage, and backbone to get up and play a guitar, spit a poem, or move your body in front of strangers whether they be ten or ten thousand.  Wanting to be a part of KNY means wanting to create, to inspire, and to be inspired.  That alone makes you burn brighter than you already know.
In 2011, I heard that one of my favorite emcees Dumbfoundead was performing at Irving Plaza in NYC.  As an avid fan of rap and the whole battle scene I knew of Dumb awhile back and was excited to finally see him rock.  Little did I know that he was going to be performing at an Asian American Talent competition called Kollaboration, which took some of the best Asian-Am talent this side of the city and pitted them against each other in an event that was full of talent, showmanship, and creativity.  After watching some acts for the first time such as Mitchell Grey and Wanted Ashiqz, I told myself, “I’m going to be up on that stage.”
I actually auditioned for Kollaboration NY in 2012, but due to my lack of experience, my barely newfound energy to perform, and without a strong vision, I didn’t make it in the show.  I FAILED and felt miserable about it.  Watching the finalists of 2012 made me realize that I needed more than just talent. I needed to throw the best show possible.  I easily could have blamed politics, or favoritism, or genre-skewing. I easily could have blamed the sound system, my audition partners, or the judges.  I knew that I wasn’t ready, and this only fueled me to push myself to do more.
After putting more work towards my craft, I re-auditioned and made it in the 2013 Kollaboration NY Finals, feeling both excited and relieved.  Winning wasn’t the goal, but fulfilling my word and my dreams to rock on the KNY stage was going to be true no matter what.  
Throughout the journey to the final stage, the staff and the competitors encapsulated exactly what Kollaboration is about – collaborating.  Immediately after meeting my fellow finalists and the KNY staff, I started to work on projects with some of the singers, rappers, and dancers; immediately recording and putting out work with some, and starting pre-production work with others.  The staff were always ready to give words of advice, encouragement, and connection to help facilitate the spirit of creativity and exploration.  All in all, the spirit of community and camaraderie was fully present and it made me, an outsider, feel absolutely welcome into this family.  From the past, to the present, to future participants, knowing that you are a KNY finalist is like wearing a badge of passion.  Your work, talent, and action has brought you far enough to have a group of like minded creative individuals choose you to represent them is a privilege and an honor.
KNY is bigger than the competition in September; it’s a chance to have a lasting bond with artists just like you. Everyone that makes it into the show doesn’t make it on talent alone.  They are just as passionate, if not more so, and through this they continue to push you further in your art.  If it wasn’t for KNY I wouldn’t have been able to create the things I’ve done, to perform on the stages I’ve performed, and to make these connections that last.  
So try out. Audition! Show the world your passion.  If you don’t make it, that’s ok! Failure is amazing!  Stay positive.  Stay connected. Work harder. Come to the open mics. Find more open mics.  We live in NYC, the performance capital of the universe.  Perform. If you can’t find an opportunity, come to my block, we’ll throw a show on the sidewalk.  If you need advice and I have the time, feel free to talk to me ([email protected]).  Talk to the artists you meet, ask questions, build connections.  Keep an open mind. Learn to throw the best show you can. Learn to shake hearts, learn to move mountains.  Above all, never stop creating.  
Don’t sweat about being a star.  You already are.
The Kollaboration New York Showcase Applications can be accessed here.  Applications are open until Monday, March 31st at 11:59pm so get a move on!  Be sure to follow us on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook, and check out our blog for more application information and updates.
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