Kollaboration New York Alum Bea Go Wants YOU to Audition!


And….go! It’s that time of year again — time to dust off the ivories, toughen up the guitar calluses and ready those singing voices — because Kollaboration New York has officially kicked off its 8th annual season with the release of its 2013 audition dates (interested applicants can apply here).

But let’s be honest, not everyone is a natural-born ham (for those who are, power to you!) — some of us are just a little bit more private about our passions and not 100% sure we’re ready to share our talents with a live audience, let alone the world (by means of the Kollaboration Star Finale and its $20,000 grand prize this October).

So why try out for Kollaboration New York? Not only is it a great opportunity to take that first step onto the (literal) stage and get your feet wet in the entertainment industry, it’s also a chance to meet some fellow talented New Yorkers and develop that sense of community that we all crave so much in the daily bustle of city livin’.

And, as an added bonus, you’ll get the benefit of having an internationally recognized brand (that’s us!) backing you up all the way, helping you to navigate through the confusing waters of becoming a full-fledged Asian American star, whatever your talent may be!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video above, and let last year’s finalist Bea Go tell you a bit about her own experiences taking part in Kollaboration and what it’s meant for her own career so far.

“Being a Kollaboration NY competitor last year really opened up a lot of doors for me. Since the show last fall, I realized my passion for music and decided to take my dreams a lot more seriously,” she says. “I began uploading videos of myself singing on my YouTube channel, occasionally collaborating with other artists, and have since earned a growing audience of over 8,000 subscribers!”

“Besides this, I’ve been taking every opportunity to perform at events surrounding New York City with my new backing band. Most recently, I was a featured performer at CUNY Baruch’s sold-out showcase called FUSED and was a competitor for KASCON26’s mini-Kollaboration in Rhode Island.”

Not too shabby for a former “shy” girl, eh?

Til next time, keep a close eye on our site, on Facebook and on Twitter in the coming weeks as we keep you posted on the latest audition news. Cheers to a fantastic season, and good luck, one and all!

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