MTV’s GIRL CODE LIVE kicks off in New York City

MTV’s GIRL CODE is hitting up the East coast from September to November with its brand new spin-off called Girl Code Live. Most, if not all, girls across the U S of A are watching Girl Code, which is the hilarious and not-so-appropriate comedy talk show that first made its premiere on MTV in April 2013 as the female version of the show Guy Code. But let’s just say it’s much better than Guy Code and if you haven’t watched it yet, then it’s safe to say you’re truly missing out.

The amazing series comes with it the same smart, witty, and absolutely crazy cast giving sarcastic and hilarious advice about the most important topics girls face in life from boy troubles to lady parts. The brave trio Nessa, Carly Aquilino, and, a personal favorite, Awkwafina will be bringing in special guests and talking in front of a live audience in a studio in New York City! The show will be airing half-hour episodes at 10PM EST right before Girl Code on MTV.

Starting September 21st, selected fans can join the fun as part of the audience by requesting for a ticket at ONSET Productions [HERE] and we’re first in line.

Anyone tune in to this week’s episode?