Please support Kayla Wong’s “For the Love of Mangos”!

For those who don’t know, all of Kollaboration NY’s videos have been created by the fabulous team from Mochi Productions for the past three years. This time, it’s our turn to support them!


Director Kayla Wong is currently working on her Advanced Production (senior thesis) at NYU, and is currently looking to raise funds through Kickstarter. The campaign ends tonight, so please take a look and make a contribution!

Kayla Wong (Director/Writer) is a 21-year-old Seattleite who survives on cereal and buttered toast. Kayla’s work on previous films (including “Lemon Drops” and “Mang Abe’s Ube”) has been leading to her destiny: “For the Love of Mangos.” This short film is her NYU Senior Thesis and the culmination of her four years in the Tisch Film & TV Program. (So it’s kind of important if ya know what we mean. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*)

Shefali Lohia (Writer/Associate Producer) is a 21-year-old born and bred in the quaintness of New England. “For the Love of Mangos” is her first screenplay, but she’s been a storyteller forever and has honed her writing skills at a number of literary agencies, publishing houses, and NYU literary journals.

Shefali: “For the Love of Mangos” is a familiar story for me and Kayla. We both deal with stereotyping and pigeonholing on a regular basis, mostly in relation to our ethnicity and gender:

  • “Why don’t you know your language?”
  • “So what are you going to be: an engineer or a doctor?”
  • “Must be the PMS.”
  • “White-washed.”
  • “Why aren’t you dating an Indian guy?”
  • “You’re such a cute, shy little Asian girl.”
  • “Is there a Korean holiday today? Why are there are so many Asians out?”

Beyond social issues and media representation, this story is at its core about family. This film is our tribute to the slightly unconventional ones—in this case, a father and daughter whose roles get mish-mashed because of a stubborn daughter and a loving, but sometimes misguided father.”