SJ & Ginny and Kollaboration New York presents “Quiet Tiny Asian”

Being a Quiet Tiny Asian has never been easier, thanks to these 5 easy lessons. Join QTA as she teaches her baby niece (and you!) how to successfully to be Asian in America. And if you mess up, don’t worry, people will be sure to correct you!

Kollaboration New York is excited to announce our latest co-production partnership with comedic duo, SJ & Ginny, of Drive-by Street Harassment and “Urban Teach Now” fame.

Written by SJ Son and directed by Ginny Leise, the first episode of “Quiet Tiny Asian”  opens with SJ speaking with the series’ tiniest star, Ahri, on her third birthday. From there, SJ teaches her about what it means to be Asian in America. And well, you can see the rest for yourself—

Lesson 1- People see you in a very specific way:

Son said “Quiet Tiny Asian” is a truthful depiction of racism today—casual, slight, and tiny—and added that the comedy is just a side effect.

“It’s amazing and sad to me that Americans—of all colors—today still insist that Asians, and I focus on my east Asian experience, that we are not, cannot be American,” Son said. “We are exotic, alien, other, and if you forget, don’t worry we’ll let you know. This sentiment dates back to the first Asians from the “Orient” coming to the U.S. in the mid-18th century and it is still with us today in 2017.”

Son and Liese said that if their filmmaking is correct, the series should be difficult to watch because they have packaged some of the microaggressions they hate and over time have learned to ignore—which Son describes as an honest survival technique.

“The more you start to ignore something for your own sanity, there’s a huge risk of people—you included—doubting it existed in the first place,” Son said. “Complacency kills, so let’s put it on YouTube.”

She said “Quiet Tiny Asian” is a neat sampler platter of things she has been labeled to exhaustion, and for some time, believed.

“It’s truthful, scary and a call to action,” she added. “If you laugh at it for the wrong reasons, I’ll kill you.”

Lesson 2- Your problems are tiny:

Lesson 3- Everything is an “Asian” thing:

Lesson 4-All Asians are together:

Lesson 5-You can’t win: