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Strolling ‘Round the Interwebs: May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Did you know that May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? No? (Saying yes because we have it stated up there as a headline doesn’t count.) Well, you might just be in good company, because even though the concept of celebrating the Asian Pacific American culture began in 1978 after Congress designated it a week-long shindig (it was later decided it should be a month-long celebration in 1990 because, c’mon, there’s a lot to celebrate), there are still a lot of people who are unaware of 1. Why we have an APAHM, 2. What takes place during APAHM, and 3. Why we enjoy acronyms so much (the short answer for No. 3 is because it makes things sound official and fancy.)

To that end, we at Kollaboration want to offer you a few awesome links that we stumbled upon while strolling ’round the Interwebs that might help you answer those questions. As Asian faces and voices are becoming more prominent in mainstream media, with the help of hit songs like Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” and yes, Psy’s terribly catchy “Gentleman” (see: Matt Lauer above), more people are getting interested in the Asian American culture — which is a great thing.

But it also means that Asian Americans, in turn, should get to know more about what it is that makes their own community tick. What is it about our very diverse backgrounds that create such an amazing network of creative individuals here in New York City? And what — aside from a good hearty pot of sundubu jjigae and some late night bubble tea — binds us together as a community?

Kollaboration is all about empowerment through entertainment, but we want to  be mindful of what that means. So take a moment, step away from that Buzzfeed article full of cute kittens, and peruse over some pretty awesome stories about the great things Asian Americans are doing around the nation. Keep an eye out, create some buzz, and spread the love!

34th Annual Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Festival (May 4 and May 18): Come out and support some Kollaboration New York alumni! (

Time magazine’s 2013 TIME 100 honors plenty of Asian American movers and shakers (Angry Asian Man)

The ABC and FOB Divide: What do THESE acronyms mean, and why is it important to know? (8Asians)

Hyphen magazine crowns its Mr. Hyphen (and it’s none other than New Jersey native Sean Miura!) (Hyphen magazine)

Asians are now the largest immigrant group in Southern California (New York Times)

How “gaysian” filmmaker Quentin Lee defies Hollywood stereotypes (L.A. Weekly)

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