Why You Should Audition for Kollaboration New York: Izzy Salinel


It’s over two weeks into April, you’re starting to switch up your winter wardrobe, the sun’s beginning to linger just a little bit longer, and you’re suddenly itching to spend some quality time outside the office, the classroom, and heck, even your bite-sized New York City apartment.

Whatever could all these things mean (aside from the fact that we all spend way too much time cooped up indoors)?

Well first, that spring is just around the corner — finally! — and second, that the deadline for Kollaboration New York applications is fast approaching. And if you’re wavering about whether or not you should apply, our totally non-biased, only-looking-out-for-your-best-interest plug is this: Yes. You should apply.

Why? As past finalist Izzy Salinel will tell you in the video above, it’ll change your life in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

“Ever since Kollaboration New York, the world has opened up so many opportunities for me,” she says. “Music is literally the air I breathe right now. I learned so many things about myself along the way, met such amazing people and discovered a world full of promise.”

“So to all the people thinking if they should audition or not — you definitely should audition!” she continues. “You won’t regret it! The experience you get out of this is something you won’t forget.”

Remember, all online entries (www.kollab.nyc/audition) must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on April 30, so remember not to procrastinate and get those entries in as early as possible!

And for all you visual learners out there, here’s a basic breakdown of how your Kollaboration journey can unfold:

Kollabstar infographic Til next time, keep a close eye on our site, on Facebook and on Twitter in the coming weeks as we keep you posted on the latest audition news. Cheers to a fantastic season, and good luck, one and all!

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