And the winner is…

You may have already heard the word on the street, but we’re very happy to announce that the winner of the ninth Kollaboration New York showcase is… Sung Lee!

His livelooping and raw beatboxing talent blew the audience and our guest judges away. Sung is now in the running for Kollaboration Star in sunny Los Angeles on November 15 (yes, it’ll still be sunny in November!).


All of our finalists did an incredibly amazing job — we had seen what they were capable of in our open mics throughout the year, but it was clear that they had truly brought their best to the stage last Saturday. We’d also like to extend a big congrats to runner up, Yut & the Hot Four.

Our charming hosts Becky Yamamoto and Adira Amram kept our audience laughing throughout the night (yes, there were neon tutus and sequined dresses — you had to be there)…and our guest performers, I Love Dance, Izzy and Awkwafina took our show to another level. A huge thanks to our amazing guest judges who, we’re sure, had a very, very difficult decision to make by the end of the night: Ashok Kondabolu (Dapwell), Ted Fu, Melodee Morita and Ellie Lee.

A full recap is to come shortly, along with photos from the night. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our coverage from AmericanFOBs.com and GoodMoMusic.