YG Cover Project: Tablo Takes Over

YG’s Cover Project, launched early June, featuring the talented siblings of AKMU, has added Tablo to its list of artists officially covering other artists’ works. Taeyang’s latest hit, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, already conveys powerful emotion and a well-timed ‘back to basics’ feel by itself. Yet with each new cover, his song has been transformed into something else beautiful, whether with the innocent, naive touch of AKMU or with Tablo’s unique take on and rewrite of the song.

While Taeyang’s original song was wistful and reminiscent of a love he can’t quite let go, Tablo’s English remake is the embodiment of the push-and-pull of trying to forget a love he can’t have and can’t decide if he still wants. His remake ‘Fade to Black’ touches me in a way the original fell just short of–this demonstration of his talent in both songwriting and lyrical rap simply supports Tablo’s reputation as one of the best rappers in the world.

In just 6 days, his cover has gained a cool 2 million views in comparison to the original, which has almost 11 million views and has been out for 5 times longer. The YG Cover Project has churned out some breathtaking covers so far—I’m definitely looking forward to their next release.