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Yung Koconut Says “Don’t Worry, Be Happy Again” With Debut Mixtape

Yung Koconut has made his debut last month with the release of his mixtape “Don’t Worry, Be Happy Again” and a debut concert at Las Palmas in Hollywood on September 26th.

Though the LA Koreatown native only just made his debut, he is no stranger to the Asian-American scene. He once went by the name of “Furis” and was one of founders of the Jeet Kune Flow open mic. After hustling in the streets landed him in prison for a time, he stayed lowkey, honing his rap skills and songwriting abilities in private. However, he is back with a bang as the leader of a new nationwide arts collective, the Beach Towel Club, and the owner of his own record label, Kloud 10. This is one rapper that is prepped and primed to take over.

The mixtape consists of 10 tracks with guests artists including Rekstizzy, Dumbfoundead, King Katsu, and more with production primarily handled by Big Banana and Ken Nana.This is definitely one mixtape you’ll want to check out. You can listen and download the mixtape HERE.

If you’re not convinced to check out his mixtape yet, then check out the music video for the track “TWO DAYZ” featuring Rekstizzy below:

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